“Boundless & Ballin’ Podcast”: Episodes 2–5

Here are the latest episodes of the “Boundless & Ballin’ Podcast”.

BBP EP 2 (8/15/2020)

In this episode, I look back at Thursday night’s Nets-Trail Blazers game, give my picks for the 2020 NBA Awards, and talk about a communication strategy for better sports debates.

BBP EP 3 (8/22/2020)

In episode 3, I look at some notable NBA playoff games, give my predictions as to who will win it all, go over my picks for the Lottery portion of the 2020 NBA Draft, and recap some recent headlines

BBP BONUS (8/24/2020)

Remembering an icon on 8/24

BBP EP 4 (8/29/2020)

After a crazy week in sports, I recap what went down when the NBA postponed three playoff games and the MLB and NHL followed suit.

BBP EP 5 (9/6/2020)

On today’s episode, I recap some wild NBA Playoff games, explain basketball analytics (and why the Rockets rely on them), and go over some recent headlines.

Next episode will be on September 12. The podcast is available on Achor.

I’m a student journalist & the host of “The Boundless & Ballin’ Podcast”. I like reading about the media, NBA/MLB, politics, and CompSci. Twitter: @JPagkalina1